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Window Treatments in Montreal

wooden blind interior

From Selection to Installation: Complete Service for Your Blinds

Style, functionality, durability: let our team help you choose the perfect window treatment for your home. We can travel to your home or business to take measurements and offer you various products. We can also come install your blinds! With us, you are entitled to service excellence, from beginning to end, for all our window treatment products:



Honeycomb blinds

Roman blinds

Mechanical roller blinds

Wooden blinds

Venetian blinds

Vertical blinds

Horizontal blinds

Smart blinds

And more


Let the Light Shine In

Having privacy should not mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of letting natural light into your home. Among the window blinds and other window treatments offered in Montreal by Tapis Décor Chantilly, you will find decor solutions that allow you to maximize the potential for natural light.

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An Idea That Makes Sense!

With our shop at home service, you’ll make the right selections for your interior decor.

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