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Interior Decor Consulting in Montreal

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Decorate Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Home

With our shop at home service, you get the advice of a Montreal interior design specialist right in your own home! We travel throughout the metropolitan area to offer our customers a wide variety of products carefully selected according to their needs. This home consulting service also allows us to take all the necessary measurements for installation of your items such as new blinds, new carpets, floor coverings or drapes.

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Visualize Your New Decor

By shopping at home, you will have all the elements in hand to make the best selections! Our catalogs contain samples of all kinds for your perusal. This way, you will be able to visualize the products in your home environment, taking into account the light, the existing decor and size of the room. This is a way to shop that really makes sense!

An Idea That Makes Sense!

With our shop at home service, you’ll make the right selections for your interior decor.

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